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The right combination for sure

Our R&D department sets standards by the development of exclusive security features to provide you powerful, long-term and effective solutions.

Schwarz Druck combines efficient security features of different levels (visible to forensic), to meet market requirements and to create perfect solutions for all participants.

Our products are manufactured exclusively in Germany and as a result, potential counterfeiters have to contend not only with numerous technical barriers, but are also kept at a safe distance from the actual production processes.

Open security features

Amongst the features that can be detected with the naked eye and without technical assistance are watermarks, guilloche patterns, holograms and special colours.

Concealed security features

For example, fluorescence, micro lettering and codes that can only be identified or read with the help of appropriate aids.

Forensic security features

These are only known to a very restricted group of people and can only be verified using very specific forensic procedures – for example, the biochemical fingerprint.

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