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Ingenious, versatile and clever

Different formats, uses and combinations of features and applications are possible. For instance, a highly versatile paper size, on which the foil cards are already integrated - A4. This is suitable for all conventional desktop printers and, as such, customisable for the any purpose.    
The combination of individual security printing with integration of forgery-proof foils, customised if required, make our integrated foil cards a document forgery-proof. An economical and, at the same time, secure solution. Because only in situ will the personal data be printed and then covered and protected with the foil. This is followed by the final step, where the card is removed from the A4 sheet, which can then be used to archive and document the individual work process.
ID cards, visitor cards, certificates of eligibility, bonus cards, membership cards, travel tickets or City-Cards – these are just a few possible applications for integrated cards.