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Extremely versatile applicable and diversified

High-quality goods as well as your brand must be protected against product piracy. More and more counterfeits access worldwide markets and cause lasting damage to the image of quality-conscious manufacturers. Whatever the field of application - original goods must be clearly labelled as such, discernible to the customer and easily verifiable in their authenticity. Whether textiles, technical components, pharmaceuticals, groceries, or even baby food - counterfeiters do not shy away from any branch and their plagiarism can cause high economic damage or, in the worst case, serious harm to health.  
With the necessary know-how and many years of experience, we at Schwarz Druck develop together with you the optimal forgery-proof label to avoid illegal copies of your products. In doing so, we will be pleased to protect your brand name in the long term and to offer your customers security in obtaining original goods.