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With us you pull the right ticket

As market leader and thanks to extensive experience in the area of transportation and event ticketing, we provide innovative concepts and effective solutions for smooth mobility and memorable moments. We would also be pleased to arrange the secure logistics or fulfilment process.


The results achieved by Schwarz Druck are convincing: The combination of a range of security solutions and the use of forgery-proof materials, such as security colours and paper, holograms, coding and numbering, prevents copying or repeat usage of transportation and event tickets.

Our diversity makes us unique

Our highly innovative research and development department is without doubt the greatest enemy of the counterfeiters – and by the same token, is much appreciated by our customers.


The efficiency of our tamper-proof processes will be clear at first sight, and will become even clearer under closer scrutiny. This is because with Schwarz Druck, effective protection means that visible security features are also combined with concealed and even forensic security components. You can be sure that your original product will remain unique.


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